Giving it Your All Part II

Giving it Your All Part II

Giving it your all textWould You Like to Discover Why a Poor Black Youth Became a Billionaire?
I mentioned in my last blog, that I would follow it up with a part 2 since I simply could not fit all I wanted to say in such a limited space. I strongly believe this second part will help to broaden your horizons and strengthen your resolve to press on until you arrive at your success destination.

I would like to think that the many people interested in pursuing their dreams or who are desirous of living a better life, would have all the motivation needed to make it happen, however, this is not usually the case. Wanting to do something doesn’t carry the same urgency as ‘I must do something’. Most likely, the reason is simple—these people can only ponder on the ‘how’ rather than the ‘why’, which is the major reason why they hesitate to pursue and give things their all.

A man once offered to buy my business, which so happened to be on the upswing with tremendous potential to possibly hit a nine figures profit in less than 10 years. Although I was not interested in selling, I was interested in knowing what his offer was. He thought he could impress me with his offer. I had to make him aware that if I decided to sell I would not be selling a business, but a dream. I mentioned that buying a business is easily done; buying a dream however, is extremely difficult to do.

When a person has an emotional attachment to why they are pursuing something, and not just a desire to do it, they realize their life has been carved into the journey not the prize. When I heard Ray Lewis, the retired two time Super Bowl Champion with the Baltimore Ravens, give his reason for why he was so passionate about the game of football, I couldn’t help getting emotional. His reason did not deal with how he was going to be successful in football, but why. He mentioned he had vowed to make sure he could provide for his mother and relieve her of the volatile relationship she was in, and the conditions which made her susceptible to it.

When you think nothing remains in your tank after you have given your all to combat the challenges and obstacles which have drained you of your physical strength; the ‘why’ in your heart and mind will muster the energy to persevere longer than your opponent—not because you want to, but because you have to.

Now, I hope I’m not sending the wrong message as though I’m suggesting the ‘how’ is not important. It’s just that the ‘how’ is not as imperative nor is there as much urgency attached to it as the ‘why’. It is the difference between a person feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place, and another person who sees this same place as a stronghold.

If I spent my time wondering ‘how’ I was going to achieve something, I would be easily distracted and knocked off course before I ever got started. But if I have a cause more vital and more powerful than the fear of failing, or of not having all the necessary resources, nothing—and I mean nothing, will get in the way of my not only surviving, but also thriving.
Find out what is worth you giving it your all and you’ll find the solution to succeeding in all you set your heart and mind to achieve.


  1. I wasted a lot of valuable time fearing failure and worrying about where all the resources that I need to achieve my goals where coming from. I learned the hard way how counter-productive that was. Thanks Bishop Brown!

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