Power Points: Faith Booster 6.1.2021, Bishop Mikel Brown, Joy Center El Paso, TX

Power Points: Faith Booster 6.1.2021, Bishop Mikel Brown, Joy Center El Paso, TX

June 1, 2021

    We are in a Kairos (special opportune moment) revolution where God has determined a new day, a new dawn, and a new light. God planted you for increase and He’s watering you for abundance.
    These are not normal times of mere blessings, this is a dispensing of grace with greater promises and legally established by no higher court than heaven. This is the hour to move in power and with clarity of mind. No limits! We fall out of agreement with every allegiance with evil and we enter into agreement with the Kingdom of God.

    The Joy Center
    Dr. Mikel Brown, Senior Pastor
    1208 Sumac Dr., El Paso, TX 79925


    When you come to Christian Joy Center, you can expect to be welcomed into a friendly, positive environment by people who are genuinely excited to see you. You will find welcoming smiles and great people. This is a place where you can connect with other people like you, engage in timely and relevant teaching and worship, and most importantly have an encounter with God. Come expecting God to move your heart and life! We can’t wait to meet you!

    About Us
    Christian Joy Center has accomplished a lot since its founding and has given birth to other affiliate ministries in Texas, New Mexico, Delaware, South Carolina, …with plans to cover the entire Southwest with ECCM affiliate ministries.

    Today the ministry is poised and ready for its greatest hour, and the journey to this point has established a resiliency which is not easily shaken by misfortune, knowing that God fights the battle when we remain faithful to His purpose.

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